We understand the nature of convenience and how it affects the peaceful enjoyment of our clients. Communication is the key measure to ensure any notification to our residents is received at a  moments notice.
Picture this... the lift in your building breaks down but you are not aware and on your way home. You receive a txt message on your mobile phone: “Lift break down in your building”. “Back on line in approximately 45 minutes”. This is a message sent by our Building Facilities Manager. Instead of making your way home to climb 9 flights of stairs, you head to the car wash and have your car washed whilst you enjoy a coffee.
You would be aware of the Annual Fire Safety inspection which is carried out annually. We have on many occasions attempted to access apartments on the day of the inspection to find residents had forgotten the appointment. In these situations there is a $240 return service call fee. Picture this... Four weeks prior to the Annual Fire Safety Inspection you receive a calendar reminder from the Building Facility Manager “Annual Fire Safety Inspection 4 May at 7.30.” “Please provide access.” You would accept the reminder and simply forget about it. 24 hours prior to the appointment you will be alerted.
Picture this...  when you place a fault issue with the Building Facilities Manager, the number you will be provided in receipt can be used to log onto our system and track the status...