Our Services

BFMS provides the Owners Corporation with following services:

Site Management & Administration

  • Clearly communicate with owners, occupants and strata managers to ensure expectations are managed and met
  • Ensure the optimum operation of all plant and general facilities.  In the case of corrective maintenance, thorough investigation is carried out prior to the commencement of work.
  • Manage, maintain and provide all relevant administration, registers, records and databases
  • Provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week response to emergencies
  • Establish and maintain an asset register
  • Establish and maintain a security register for common property keys and fobs/swipes by conducting annual audits of all keys issued and take appropriate action to enhance security through the cancellation or recording of keys
  • Co-ordinate and manage bookings for move-ins and outs, function and meeting rooms as well as recreation areas.

Contractor Management

  • Accurate reviews of contracts and scope of services to ensure the Owners Corporation receive cost efficient and relevant services in line with requirements
  • Make recommendations to the Owners Corporation about the tenders received
  • Issue work orders to contractors/service providers after approval by the Owners Corporation
  • Oversee and performance manage service providers to ensure all aspects are in keeping with agreed upon conditions
  • Facilitate and oversee works undertaken by service providers
  • Process contractor’s/service provider’s invoices for payment, and liaise with the Owners Corporation and the Strata Manager
  • Undertake annual performance review to assess each service provider

Meetings & Reports

  • Attend scheduled meetings of the Executive Committee and Owners Corporation
  • Provide a monthly report which details:

-        Malfunctions in common property

-        Progress of ongoing issues in common property

-        Performance of agents, contractors or other employees of the Owners Corporation



  • Schedule (and recommend to the Owners Corporation) routine and preventative maintenance services, essential services and other statutory maintenance inspections and certificates.

The following contractors’ services will be monitored by BFMS:-

-        Fire services

-        Lifts

-        Pumps – cold water booster pumps, sewer pumps and stormwater pumps

-        Mechanical – fans, air conditioning unit and cooling tower

-        Cleaning

-        Pest control

-        Security – Intercom, CCTV and access control

-        Landscape & Gardening

-        Pool services

-        Gymnasiums and recreational facilities

  • Assist with the follow-up of defects or existing problems within the property upon receiving a Defects Report.  This will be achieved through:

-        Communicating with Owners Corporation representatives

-        Managing the status of defect’s repairs

-        Assisting the builder with access and general information

-        Documentation and reporting of further defects to the builder

  • Maintain up-to-date drawings of plant, service and installation of equipment
  • Regularly inspect common areas, plant and equipment to identify and address any issues

-        Daily inspections – general inspection of common areas

-        Weekly inspections – operational  inspection of plant and equipment

  • Respond to and investigate all maintenance failures and liaise with immediate contractors
  • Keep a log of individual maintenance tasks carried out.



 BFMS is committed to assisting the Owners Corporation in creating high standards of health, safety and welfare in the working environment for residents and visitors of the property through:

  • Arranging a WHS audit by specialists
  • Ensuring that service providers/contractors supply evidence of having safe system of work and relevant competencies for the tasks required
  • Ensuring relevant insurances and required licenses and/or permits are current
  • Conducting site-specific inductions for prospective contractors or service providers
  • Maintaining and promoting a safe and healthy workplace
  • Identifying, controlling and mitigating risks within the workplace in a timely manner.