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Your on-site building management professionals

BFMS has offered industry-leading building management services for more than 20 years. Our team of professionals deliver a proactive approach to preserving and enhancing the value of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties.

Services include proactive and preventative maintenance, upgrades, building life-cycle analysis, works forecasting, and contractor management. We keep your committee informed of the building’s ongoing care plan, urgent issues and scheduled maintenance updates.

Our team do more than make your property look pristine

We partner with you to enhance your property by introducing technology, sustainability, professionalism and a personal touch of care

Our specialised building management services team enhance residential and commercial spaces by providing a professional service that focuses on proactive maintenance, driving greater efficiency, reducing operating costs and risks, and boosting value.

Through regular monitoring and auditing of common areas and building functions, like lifts, lighting, fire and flood control systems, gardens and pools, and compliance requirements, our team organises and drives the up-keep of your property.

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Increase property value

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Increase rental income

Reduce operating costs

Identify issues before they happen

Extend the building lifespan

Wholistic maintenance

Reducing operating costs, increase market value and enhance your building’s life-cycle

At BFMS, we view buildings as biological structures that can adapt, grow and mature when being proactively managed and cared for. Through highly professional and customised services, we aim to make buildings more efficient, increase their sustainability and introduce the latest generation technology.

What’s more, we keep people, relationships, communication, and pro-activity at our core. Acting as the eyes and ears of your property is a privilege. You can trust us to make your building more compliant to reduce risks.

We create better buildings through

  • Proactive management
  • Implementing building care plans
  • Managing the asset register
  • Keeping people at the core of everything we do
  • Having an extensive contractor network
  • Managing property assets that require bookings (tennis and squash courts, entertainment and barbeque areas)
  • Increasing sustainability by using data
  • Preventing liability and reducing risks as compliance experts
  • Administrating financial reporting
  • Trustworthy and reliable works monitoring for on-site projects
  • Seamless common property management of residents when moving in and out
  • By-law enforcement

Did you know?

We offer both full-time and part-time on-site management services


Why is building management necessary?

Building management, particularly within village, estate, or multi-building complexes, makes community living easier and safer, and increases the property value for lot owners, residents, and committees.

  • On-site support makes life easier for owners and residents
  • Proactive management stops costly building issues before they happen
  • Enforces by-laws and monitors movement
  • Ongoing maintenance increases the property value
  • Reduces committee liability by enforcing compliance
  • 24/7 emergency contact for operations and mechanics
  • Keeps information and its distribution accurate and centralised, increasing harmonious living for residents
  • Expert contractor management

What if our property is complex?

We have experience managing some of Australia’s most elaborate and complex multi-building schemes and properties. Regardless whether your building is residential, commercial, or mixed-use, we can look after any property irrespective of scheme type or title combination.

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On-site support that becomes part of the family

Well run strata buildings require good management. At BFMS, we form healthy and personal relationships because we are physically present, and we care about the well-being of your property. As an intrinsic part of the community, we look after and enhance your number one asset, understand how it works on a technical level, and build trust as the extra set of eyes and ears.

As a highly tailored service, we can offer the exact service each building needs. Whether it’s full or part-time, concierge or safety consultation, being on-site allows us to inspect issues as and when they happen, often saving money on call-outs.

Strata properties often means rigorous compliance requirements and large-scale mechanical operations of lifts, garage systems, fire safety interfaces, irrigation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and carbon monoxide monitoring. When we are on-site, we make sure your property is up to scratch and that you’re not inconvenienced when systems need repairs.

Specialists in strata property compliance

As specialists in strata property compliance, we reduce the committee’s liability and risk by making sure the building and its assets are up-to date with regulatory requirements and certification.
We facilitate building compliance, including fire safety statement, lift registration, anchor points, and updating the committee with up-to-date health and safety regulation. This includes making sure all contractors are compliant with appropriate licences, insurance, and safe work statements

BFMS is committed to assisting the committe in maintaining high standards of health, safety and welfare in the working environment for residents and visitors of the property through:

  • Arranging a work, health & safety audit
  • Ensuring that service providers/contractors supply evidence of having safe system of work and relevant competencies for the tasks required
  • Ensuring relevant insurances and required licenses and/or permits are current
  • Conducting site-specific inductions for prospective contractors or service providers
  • Maintaining and promoting a safe and healthy workplace
  • Identifying, controlling and mitigating risks within the workplace in a timely manner.