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About us

BFMS (Building Facilities Management Solutions)

BFMS exceeds industry standards for the delivery of quality facilities and building management while maintaining personalised service standards to owners, occupiers and stakeholders.

BFMS has established itself in the industry to be one step ahead in customer satisfaction.  All residents’ interests are met with urgency and are managed by a team of extremely motivated and competent managers.

With over 34 clients and 3,100 lots under management we understand the specialised service requirements of properties on a daily basis.  BFMS achieves this by sourcing the best employees within the industry who are supported by company systems that provide greater value for money.

Executive Committees demand a service fitting to the value of the building as an asset, that meets the expectations of owners and occupants in the management and maintenance of your property and equipment, which includes the management of service providers and the financial efficacy of the property.

Our objective is to ensure that the servicing and maintenance requirements of the property meet with the superior standards that Owners have come to expect - as well as adherence to best practice and legislative guidelines.

Regular reviews will be undertaken by BFMS to ensure that the value and service is maintained at efficient and economical levels - without any compromise to quality.  Quality control assessments will be used to gauge, maintain and improve our high performance standards.

BFMS has consistently proven itself across a diverse range of property portfolios to be an industry leader in maintaining and developing good rapport amongst its experienced team.  Our Managers regularly liaise with residents, service providers and key stakeholders to assist with the development and improvement to the services being provided, with a view to immediately attending to any issues that may arise.

The BFMS team continue to expand their knowledge within the industry by attending professional workshops to keep up to date with legislative changes, as well as the latest technology and new products available in the market.  This feeds into our operating model and philosophy of adhering to a practice of continuous improvements through reviews and refinements.

Powered by The PICA Group

Founded more than 60 years ago, Prudential Investment Company of Australia (PICA) is one of Australia’s leading property services companies.

Within the PICA facility management group we manage Sydney’s largest community scheme which includes two precinct associations and 31 strata schemes. We also manage several community schemes of a mixture of sizes and facilities.

In February 2016, PICA added to its already sizable portfolio through the acquisition of BFMS bringing on board a well established portfolio consisting of highly trained staff and some of Sydney’s best managed buildings.

"Our objective is to ensure that the property is maintained to the superior standards that owners have come to expect"